ITCHY. A compliment, meaning cool, sick or nice.

Now that's itchy!

Itchy Copenhagen was founded in 2020 by dedicated people who have been around the block more than once and tried a little bit of everything in the field of communications. We have learned from the best – and the worst – along the way and finally came to the conclusion that we want to do things a little differently. Even though we are "yet another” communication agency in Copenhagen, specializing in digital communication, we belief that we are not like the others. We do not intend to make things more complicated than they need to be. Our focus is on creating results and we do so with less fluffy PowerPoint-presentations and a lot more creativity.

We put everything into our collaborations. That’s why we only engage in projects that we really believe in. Consider that your guarantee that we are going to be at least as committed to your projects as yourself. We can function as your trusted advisor on speed-dial, we can assist your existing communication or marketing team – or you can leave you’re entire digital marketing and communications in our hands. In either way we will make sure to work hard in order to make things happen.

Over the years, we have worked for mastodons in the Danish business community as well as successful worldwide brands. But we have also worked with start-ups that began yesterday. Essentially the size has no significance in our opinion. It’s about what we can do together.

ITCHY is located in the heart of Copenhagen, but takes on assignments all over the world.